I’ve become known as the Ramster Hall Wedding Photographer to come to, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s a stunning place. There really is a great sense of history and family at Ramster. I’ve been there a few times and it’s certainly left a huge impression on me. I was close to getting Married there myself before our plans unexpectedly took a left turn and we moved our whole wedding to a different part of the country. I remember thinking at the time that Ramster was the only place where I could want to get married. I don’t know why – it just felt right. So I’ve had to make up for it by turning up to weddings at Ramster ever since.

It’s obvious when you’re there. There’s intimacy, privacy, and sometimes decadence too. It’s light hearted and in a switch, dramatic and moody. It’s homely and exclusive.

I love shooting weddings at Ramster. I love being a Ramster Hall Wedding Photographer. It fits me well – I live just around the corner in Hindhead, a short hop away. Sometimes clients have had their pre-wedding Together shoot close by in Surrey, and everything jigsaws together perfectly.

There’s a nice feeling at Ramster. It’s in no small way due to the incredible team down there. Rosie is just lovely – you won’t find a more accommodating person. I know how much work goes into making your wedding the perfect day that you want it to be, yet the team at Ramster really make it look effortless.

Get a proper band like venue regulars Rollercoaster in and you’ve got a private party with high class entertainment giving you lift off in a way that is powerful, unique, and really very special.

Everything at these Ramster Weddings was so right, but then at Ramster, everything usually is!

If you’re getting married at Ramster Hall then please do get in touch here to find out all about how we can get you the best photography to remember your wedding day.