Horsley Towers Wedding Photographer

Horsley Towers (Or Horsley Park – I prefer Towers!) is an incredible wedding venue set in the heart of the Surrey and Sussex Countryside, but I’m guessing you already know this!

Now, there are a few things about this that I want to get across.

1/ It’s a private place. This is important in lots of ways. Because of the lay of the land – because of where and how Horsley Park is situated you will get this whole, magical venue to yourself. It’s all yours. Once that layer of exclusivity is realised the advantage is the chance of having a really intimate and uninhibited experience. You just don’t get this in a lot of ‘Hotel’ type of venues.

2/ You can stay at here, and so can your guests. The Hotel part of the venue is on the grounds, if not in the actual event space itself, so your guests can all stay if they need to. Everyone can relax! On top of this you – the bride and groom – can stay in the main rooms in the upstairs of the ‘Towers’ part of the venue – the Event space. Like I said – it’s totally private.

3/ The building itself is remarkable. It’s incredibly photogenic and easy to spread yourself into it’s corners and facets. It’s a beautiful piece of architecture inside and out.

Check out the pictures below – I’ve picked a few weddings and tried to show a mix of pictures in sometimes a reverse order.

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