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Newborn Portrait Session

Family Sessions really can be anything you want, from Dad's birthday, summer holidays, to golden wedding anniversary gift sessions.

If you have an idea, get in touch.

From around 7 months, through to your Newborn Portrait Session, This is a great way to document the journey.

Capture those first few precious moments.

Your new baby won't be a baby for long! Booking your session will mean you will always have those pictures to treasure and they make =especially great gifts for grandparents too!

ƒrom £175

ƒrom £250


Gift Vouchers also available

Gift Vouchers also available

Gift Vouchers also available


We are all defined by the people and the places we come from. Our families are spread out, and our new lives are full of new additions and new family life. If you look around you can feel the generations growing, ever changing.

I’ve always photographed people and really found my route when our own children were born. It’s about recognising your own personal journey, and capturing natural and relaxed moments. The Photography is very purposeful and intentionally hits a pin-point in time when our loved ones, family and friends seem to be growing at an alarming rate! We want to capture that, without being cheesy. Simplicity and creativity, and a whole load of experience helps us capture some really special and fleeting moments.

We photograph a lot of newborn babies, and we also photograph whole families too. We can come to your home or shoot on location – whatever works for you. We want to capture the natural joy of being a family and we can also pose you together with proper studio lighting if that’s something you would like.

We know how expensive little people are, and we don’t want to add to that. So to make it all even easier we’ve got some really easy to understand packages at some great low prices. We just want you to have the photographs you want without breaking the bank.

We are Carrie & Jason – a husband and wife photography team. We live in Hindhead in Surrey with our beautiful children, and spend most of our time photographing people, sometimes with weddings, and often with brand new babies, and family photo shoots too.


New Baby? Welcome to the Family!

Newborn Portrait

Sessions £100

We Come to You!

You've expanded! Your new person is here and it's time to tell the world.

It's such a magical, private, special time in all of your lives and marking the occasion with a photo shoot is so important. As everything rapidly changes you will have the most perfect pictures to look back on.

If you just want some perfect portraits of your baby to keep and treasure forever, then this is for you.

Tie in your newborn session with some family pictures. It can be anything you want - intimate, natural, chaotic, formal, or all of the above!

It’s all about the experience, and capturing that moment in time.

Nothing matters more than family. In a new post lockdown world of perhaps isolation and uncertainty and no small measure of anxiety we turn to our closest loved ones to find peace and comfort. Sometimes we haven’t seen family in any way other than a low bitrate zoom chat. Grandparents are isolated and remote, watching their grandchildren grow and evolve into new people – a new generation.

We don’t think that people should make do with just these poor quality, pixelated relationships! Establish who you are today. Mark the occasion, and tell the story of your family. Keep everyone updated. In High Res!

You might be in your own world, getting ready for your new baby while the rest of the planet seems to be spinning out of control. It’s a crazy time already, without day to day chaos, or political apocalypse knocking at your door. It might be time to celebrate your own private bubble and take advantage of some much needed you-time.

Our newborn portrait gives you another excuse to shut the world out for a few moments, marking the time in all of your lives when everything changed…

Continuing with strength and positivity, there’s never been a more vital time to express who we are, as parents, as children, and as human beings.

Sessions are fun, easy, and stress free. All you have to do is be up for it all and enjoy spending some time together in your time and place.

ABC - It's as easy as...

Before Your Session


You can book your session in advance before your due date, or you can wait until after the grand entrance of your little one(s) - usually, Newborn Sessions are best at around 3-4 weeks old, but nothing is set in stone.

Newborn sessions usually happen on a week day morning.

During The Session


I'll come to you and set up with some basic props like baskets and a few textile pieces, but if there's anything you want in the photos then let us know. Fresh cut flowers are great in the pictures, and a favourite blanket, soft toy, or anything you like is all good.

Try to tidy up a little and think of somewhere in your home with natural light, and I'll do the rest.

Sessions usually take around an hour, but put aside two hours to be sure.

It's great if you're all there if you're having more of a family session, but not essential if one of you needs to be at work for example.

Three Weeks Later...


All of your pictures will be available to view online. There are usually anywhere between 30 and 100 pictures in your gallery, depending on the type of session you've had.

2 A4 Prints are included in your Session Fee, and there are options to buy prints, frames, canvasses, photo albums, or just about anything you can think of.

There is also an option to purchase the complete gallery download so you can keep and print any and all of the pictures as many times as you like.

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