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Welcome to my main portfolios page where I focus on real and full weddings from some of the most incredible wedding venues in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, and beyond. Here you’ll see some of my favourite venues as well as some venues that I might have only been to once, but still captured the best wedding. A lot of these venues recommend me as the photographer for your wedding. That’s a real treat, but it doesn’t work for all venues, and I’m always looking for new experiences too. Hopefully there will be something here to inspire you, whether you’re getting married at an old country house or an old country pub. Whether you’re in a marquee in your garden, or the Hackney Town Hall.

I photograph weddings in Surrey and Hampshire, Sussex, London, and most of the south east. I’ve always covered quite a lot of ground, getting to the most popular venues and shooting more and more gardens, marquees, and DIY weddings.

Mostly I like to keep things local. I have a young family who I love coming home to, and wI’ve built strong relationships with some of the venues and people that I work with regularly. I’ve also noticed a real shift in what’s actually happening or what people are choosing to do, especially since the pandemic and all of the uncertainty that came with that – more and more people are designing their own thing – maybe it’s a marquee in a family garden. Maybe it’s a festival style wedding on a farm, in the woods, with a celebrant after a small legal bit earlier in the week. The point is; it’s opening up to more unique and interestingly personal experiences for the people who don’t feel the need to have to have somebody else’s idea of a wedding.

Of course there are some great venues that can – and do – deliver the goods. Most of my work over the last 10 years or more has come from these barns and houses, and it’s always been the right thing at the right time. The best ones have been driven by an intricate balance between the couple, the venue, and the handful of professional suppliers at the heart and behind the scenes of any wedding.

It takes a lot to maintain these relationships – a lot of integrity, humility, positive ethics and values and a genuine love of what we do. I’m aware that it might sound big-headed or arrogant in some way – it’s comes with the nature of trying to sell my brand of photography to new couples – self promotion is a necessary part of my  job and success – but as much as it’s perhaps a cliche, I really can say that I have the best job in the world.

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