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Millbridge Court Wedding Photographer


Millbridge Court is relatively new to me, and I’m completely up for more. All of it! It’s a remarkable venue from the top down. Very stylish and  just lush to look at from all the angles. Being a wedding photographer at Millbridge Court is nothing but a pleasure, with all of the secrets and intimate locations for photography, and just a great space for the big three: your ceremony, your wedding breakfast and a party like no other. The team there are amazing – everything runs like clockwork and everybody seems so chilled out. It feels like anything can happen, and there’s plenty to push into. It’s not just another venue – real magic can happen here. I love the courtyard and the gardens are especially well laid out. Perfect in every way.

A Restored 19th Century House in the Heart of the Surrey Countryside for Weddings, Private Events and Parties.

Set in the gorgeous Surrey countryside, there’s nowhere quite like it. There’s something very private about the house and it just feels bang on trend. Like you walk around taking notes on how to decorate your own house! It feels like a home, but it’s definitely a space you can bring your own style into. The thing that you won’t immediately notice is the light. Oh, the light! It seems that everywhere you look is the perfect sun-trap and the late sun lends it’s warm glow to the evening throughout the gardens. The private Hideaway is really the height of rustic luxury  – charming doesn’t even cover it.

I love the bar area for the later crowd, and the Loft is the perfect area fro the bride and her girls to Get ready in the run up to the ceremony.

Very special indeed and I’d love to hear from any of you who might be planning your wedding at Millbridge Court over the coming months.

Emma & James

I first met Emma at her Maid of honour’s Wedding a year before hers. Kath and Steve had an uber awesome wedding and Emma was one of her bridesmaids. As it happens Kath and Steve went on to have twins, which was the best story ever for me (I have twins, though my girls are now 10, so well beyond the baby stage for me!). Kath was very pregnant at Emma’s wedding and it was great to see her beaming and get ready for her next adventure.

Emma and James met me up at Box Hill for their pre-wedding session and for me we very quickly got into the flow of things – it felt like we were old friends by this point – I just remember a lot of laughs.

The Together Session set us up perfectly for the day. I arrived at Millbridge Court and went straight to find the boys chaotically getting ready in the cottage on site. Then straight up into the loft to find a lot of girls and mums and pregnant people bustling around, Emma in the middle of it all taking it in her stride. I’ve gotta say – with so much going on she seems calm and hitting her stride, and the venue staff and caterers popped in from time to time with updates and just generally keeping things on schedule.

As the guests arrived and James and his groomsmen were dilligently pulling it all together it felt like we suddenly found ourselves waiting for Emma to make her entrance into the ceremony room. Just a lovely ceremony and a really “Up” moment.

There were pictures to be had and I think we had to dodge the wind a bit – the hideaway being the perfect place to get some of the more intimate moments between the bride and groom… Those are the ones I’ve focussed on here.

Of course the girls and boys needed to be photographed and the scene was set for a great wedding breakfast, some classic speeches, and some powerful moments in between. The evening party was a right knees-up and in a flash of a day I was on my way home. The whole day in a blink of an eye. I see so many weddings where for me time runs at an every day pace, but this was a fast paced and full on day, with loads of activity throughout. Live music, good people, great party, dodgy dancing.

Loved every minute of it.

Here are some faves from the day – but I’m only just getting started. I’m serious – If you’re getting married at Millbridge Court in 2020/21 please do get in touch. WhatsApp me – I’ll tell you all about it. I’ll run you through my prices and get you all set up and ready to go. I live 15 minutes away from Millbridge Court, and I’ve got the wedding photography package that you’re looking for. I promise…

Emma & James | Millbridge Court


Wedding Photographer at Millbridge Court, Surrey

Here we go…

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