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Laura Shanks  Managing Director, Global Technology Search Specialist

“I’d like to recommend Jason as a first-class corporate photographer. He came to our offices and made an excellent job of taking individual photos of the LSA Team, putting everyone at their ease and giving us a good choice of photos in a fast timeframe. High quality work, personally delivered by a total professional, and exactly as we wanted!”


Surrey Headshots Photographer


What does your profile picture say about you? When your client visits your ‘About-Me’ page what are they learning about you? They’re making assumptions about your professionalism, your integrity, and your product all in the blink of an eye. And if it’s not a professional look that you’re presenting, that client has disappeared before you can say “Cheese”.

Having your portrait taken by me will give you the edge that you need with a consistent, & versatile set of images that you can use on your website and across your social media, helping you stand out from the crowd.

An up to date high quality look that puts you in front as a confident and dynamic company. Professional and modern.

Corporate Headshots Don’t need to be boring – Whether you’re running a Yoga Studio or running for President, *(or even running for coffee) – you need your clients to see that you mean business.

Shoots are quick and flexible to fit in with your busy schedule.  We offer a comprehensive approach assuring your brief is met at a price that is affordable and competitive.

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2022 Limited – Up to 50% Rate Reductions

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Social Media Profile & Corporate Portrait Rates

Single Person

2 Hour session

3 Different ‘Looks’ 

Digital Files


Team Profile

½  Day – £600 £300

Up to 8 People – Great for smaller teams.

Full Day – £900  £500

Up to 16 People – Update the whole team profile in one go

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