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Guildford and Surrey Registry Office Photographer

One of the nice things about living in Godalming is the central location and that means that I get to shoot weddings all over Surrey and Hampshire (and beyond) at the weekends, and be on-hand as the Guildford Register Office Wedding Photographer at the drop of a hat. Mid week weddings are more popular than ever, so I’ve built an unbeatable wedding photography package that is all about the charm of the elopement with the high quality photography that I am known for. The price is sensible and pitched to be as accessible as you will get.

Weekday weddings from Monday through Wednesday (and occasionally, quite regularly, those last minute Thursdays) can be just as glamorous, equally engaging and as emotionally charged as any other wedding. In fact, it’s sometimes the smaller weddings that really hit the hardest, often incredibly focussed, intimate, and vital in every way. It might be just you two and your witnesses. It might be 30 people on a Tuesday afternoon seeing you off on your travels. Whatever your story is I want to be there to capture this significant moment in your lives, and I’ll give you the same careful attention to detail that I give to all of my weddings.

I know that you don’t need me for 8 hours. I know your photographic coverage isn’t going to need to be as extensive as larger weddings, but you still need some great pictures to take with you. Just without spending the same as you would on a larger all-day party.

The main thing from me is that I will make sure you get professional wedding photography without it costing the earth.

I have one simple package, The Cinelux Package – the name borne of the idea that all weddings can be Cinematic if treated in the right way.  Cinelux is all about the absolute essentials – minimum time required and minimum booking fee. The first 2 hours might be all you need to cover your event, but if you need more it’s £150 per hour until you don’t need me any more. If your wedding wants to carry on or if it’s going to be more of a full day we can start looking at our Winter Wedding Full Day package to make sure you get the best value.


Guildford Registry office wedding photographer


The Photography is energised. Purposefully plugged in to what’s important to you so that we can get away from the idea or feeling that your wedding is just another bride and groom tying the knot. There’s light and love everywhere, and it’s my job to capture the very essence of what you feel like on the day. If you’re heading off to the pub for a quiet cheers, or a raucous knees-up then I can photograph that. If you’re heading straight to the airport I’ll make sure you’re already up in the clouds before you take off! I know – Cheesy, right?!


Guildford and Surrey Registry Office Photographer

Guildford and Surrey Registry Office Photographer

Guildford and Surrey Registry Office Photographer

Guildford Register Office Wedding Photographer

Advance booking isn’t always essential, and we often take last minute bookings, but the more notice I get, the easier it is to guarantee availability. I photograph weddings all over Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and I’m in and out of London regularly, so if that’s you, that’s me too. I don’t charge for travel time or expenses into London.

I can put a package together that’s completely bespoke, so please do ask if you’re not sure.

Please call as soon as you can on 07738 413 599. Book your Guildford Register Office Wedding Photographer now.

Guildford and Surrey Registry Office Photographer Guildford and Surrey Registry Office Photographer

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