Photographs are the emotional anchors in our past, captured in our present, and have the power to carry us through space and time some way into our future. These images will tell the story of your lives. They define re-imagine your legacy through generations.

My photographs tell these stories, with intention, with cinematic drama, and always with an eye on the fun and every-day personal expression.

Your wedding is a dynamic, fast moving ride. This is your moment. This is your time.

These are the events that shape us. Authenticity Matters.

What Happens Now, Today - Matters.

I'll make sure your wedding photographs reflect the fun & the laughs, capturing everything from the bombastic in the big bang to the smallest detail and character of your story.

Wedding Photographer in Surrey and Hampshire

Please allow me to introduce myself...

I've been a photographer my whole life, and I shot my first wedding in 2003. I haven't looked back since.

I'll bring a unique kind of experience to your wedding. My approach is all about a passion for getting to the heart of the stories in front of me. Looking for the sublime, and capturing the spontaneous. Watching people, knowing how weddings unfurl, and knowing what works gets me to the centre of it all - the stuff that matters. Everything I do is about delivering a professional service and a luxury product that matches your wedding perfectly.

It feels like life started when I married Carrie (She'll make an appearance here on this site if you're curious) in 2005. Weddings suddenly meant more than merely 'Getting Married" and when we had children the hidden secrets of life opened up even more. I think it's the most powerful expression that two people in love can make, and it turns out that the photographs I take are and have been a vital testament to that important moment in people's lives. I never underestimate what I do for a living and what it means to people.

I love photography, spending time with my family, making music, and being in the great outdoors. I live in the middle of the woods, in idyllic countryside in Hindhead, which is just inside Surrey, bordering onto Hampshire. As it happens, I'm right next to Millbridge Court, Cain Manor, and Ramster Hall, and Lythe Hill is just around the corner for me too, which is nice as they have a lovely Spa there - I do like a Sauna!

I have everything I need and I'm close to where I need to be for work. It's a great life & I'm very lucky.

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Welcome to Jason Leaman Photography

I hope you find what you're looking for here - if there's anything I've missed please do get in touch and chat it through. I'm here to listen and help. I'm also here to get things done, the right way.

Your Wedding Photography is so important and I'm ready to help you along on your incredible journey. I know you need everything to be perfect, with no fuss, no stress, and no compromise - this is a premium product and service, when only the best is good enough. If you're ready to take things up a notch, then we should probably talk.

I'm a Wedding Photographer in Surrey. I'm a Hampshire and Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer. I shoot all over really - I’ve been to all the best venues, and I love finding new locations that I might not have experienced.

I'm known for delivering the goods (and then some).

Every time.

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