Hampton Court House Wedding Photographer.

Hampton Court House Wedding Photographer

Hampton Court House is a stunner. Really. Just beautiful. I was absolutely thrilled to be asked along to this one – Kathy and Easan’s luxurious Wedding at Hampton Court – Sumptious, candle lit, traditional dance Fusion of ceremony and style, and really good dancing! And…AND! I got to see the stupendously gorgeous Steph and Rob, otherwise known as Fairynuff Flowers – which is always a pleasure and one I don’t get to experience as often as I’d like these days.

Starting at the Carlton Mitre Hotel, just up the road from Hampton Court House, I met Kathy and the girls, and Mum in a flurry of pretty and getting ready. All rather calm, and definitely a bit of a giggle too, for sure. Lots of colour, which was just as well, as the weather really looked like it was coming in (and it did). So this was going to be the rainy wedding. They happen. It’s a shame, but once you’re in it really doesn’t matter

Straight down to the venue to find Easan and his ( have to say) very diligent ushers. people arriving and a quick catch up with Steph and Rob before everything was getting started. The wedding breakfast room looked amazing – remember – I haven’t been  here before so all a big lovely surprise for me. Deep reds, low candle light, and the most incredible flowers and table finishes in the business.

The ceremony room was something else, though. I fell in love with the place straight away. Love at first sight. Just the perfect winter wedding venue. Quick pics of Kathy with her dad before hitting the rest of the day already running.

A really great feeling throughout the day and plenty of places to get the portraits inside because outside was a no go with the rain. Like I said – it really doesn’t phase me – there’s always a way. I really love the portraits from these two – especially the ones on the stairs. But also the groups and the drinks reception. A great vibe all through. Easan’s smile never left his face! Fun times, and plenty of room to find myself in some cheeky chats with some cheeky people.

I loved this wedding, and I’m desperate to see what I can do there when the sun shines.

Getting married at Hampton Court House? Call me – WhatsApp me. I’m totally all in.

Kathy and Easan at Hampton Court House


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