Boutique is our refined and perfected wedding photography package. One package, one price. Everything you need, digitally produced, amped up, and made for you.

You can treat it as a modular platform for adding extra bits and pieces or you can call it done and know that you're not going to be paying more than the package price. It's as uniquely flexible as you are and a great way to take control of your planning budget.

All of this is included for £1495 and you can add your pre-wedding photo-shoot (practice session, Engagement Session, if you will) for just £150. The usual price for this kind of session alone is £295.

There's no catch. Everything here, all of our 15 plus years experience photographing weddings, for under £1500

Holiday Dates including Christmas Eve, Boxing Day (+ all dates between Christmas and new year)

New Year's Eve, & New Year's Day are the package price plus £400

All of our Packages include the following.







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Weekday weddings


If you're planning a weekday wedding, and you need more than a couple of hours, this is for you - our Grounded Package.





6 Hours Attendance

Unlimited Photographs

Online Gallery

Professional Edit

Extra Hours are available if you need me for longer.

A £100 deposit secures the date.

Add your pre-Wedding Shoot for £150

*Not including Bank Holidays

6 Hours Attendance

Unlimited Photographs

Online Gallery

Professional Edit

Extra Hours are available if you need me for longer.

A £200 deposit secures the date.

Add your pre-Wedding Shoot for £150


We photograph weddings of any size, at any time of the year. The big Summer parties, and the intimate mid-week gatherings, Micro Weddings, garden marquees, country house estates, register office and woodland ceremonies – we adapt to and embrace them all.

Whatever you’re planning, we’re here to help. We have a great level of experience in all kinds of situations, as well as working with all kinds of budgets.  Our style of photography can be bright and sparkly or dark and moody. We can offer a minimalist approach, or the full whistles and bells.

It’s always the way it should be.

Most of our packages, especially in the busy Summer months, are all day packages, but we can build a package to suit you, no matter how big or small you think your wedding is going to be.

Flexible, professional, and reasonable.

Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


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Surrey Wedding Photographer Jason Leaman at Ramster Hall


custom packages

Surrey and Hampshire Wedding Photographer

New for 2021 - our Custom Packages

Designed with you in mind our packages are available just the

way that you want them. Everything you want and nothing that you don't.

Based on our no-compromise Full Day booking, you can build your service to include Albums, a Photo Booth, Polaroid Hire, or none of the above.

You get a minimum of 700 high resolution pictures, pro editing, and online galleries as standard.

We have some solid template Core Packages for you to choose from, or create your own.

Your pre-wedding session is included in all of our packages for free.


Customise & Personalise

Minimise or Maximise

We want your wedding photography to be as unique as you are.

Our Packages are flexible and relaxed, leaving us plenty of room to be inspired and creative.

It's a new approach. Dynamic. Energised. Ready to go.

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Everything You Need

We used to charge a lot more for what we do, but from 2020, with the Coronavirus especially, weddings have changed. So we've adapted, and we have found a way to offer our same unlimited wedding photography packages for less than what we used to. It's simple, really. We want to shoot more weddings, so we don't have to charge you nearly double what it's worth, to us, and you.

We value our services, we love our job, and we think that photographs transport us through time in a way that nothing else can. We're very philosophical about it, and we take our photography very seriously. We just don't want to over-charge for something that you shouldn't have to pay more for, duh!

You still get all of our years of experience, all of our passion for creating the best photography without cutting corners, and all of our customer service and attention to detail. You still get an unrivalled set of photographs to remember your wedding by. You still get a modern and stylish approach to making sure that you not only have a set of awesome photos from the day, but a comprehensive story and highly personalised testament to your wedding story. It's what we've been successfully doing for over 15 years.


New for 2021/22

We believe in weddings. We want you to have what you want and to hell with Covid-19. With restrictions in the wedding world effecting us all we've realised that you have a choice: You can postpone your full-on all day wedding extravaganza - many people have - we get that, and we want to be there. We can accommodate. Find a new date, transfer your deposit, and re-boot. We're in.

But we've also shot a few "Micro Weddings" in 2020. Sometimes up to 30 people, sometimes 15, depending on the restrictions at the time. We've seen people who WILL get married. No. Matter. What.

The weddings have been intense, intimate, and a bit of what we all need, really.

So we've created our new CoronaCovid "Micro" package to cater for you. It's the same approach to photographing your wedding, maximising your statement, and drawing a line. You WILL NOT be stopped. It's all about taking your wedding into your own hands and taking back control. Get ahead of it. Stop waiting to be told when you can marry each other and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Micro is unique. If you want to have a wedding reception party 12 months later, we'll discount that booking too. If your pre-booked Micro package turns into something bigger as restrictions are lifted we can upgrade you to our Pro Package and get it done. It's all doable.

We want you to have what you want, and we want some positivity back in the world.

A deposit of £100 secures the date.

Everything You need to Know

Quality Without Compromise

We don’t want this to be all about the price. We’re not expensive and we’re not cheap. There are plenty of photographers who will photograph your wedding for less, and there are also too many who will over-charge for a lesser service. It’s always been this way.

As it happens, our prices are carefully worked out to provide you with the best value we think you will find. We value and care about being the best that we can be and we don’t over-charge for what we do – that’s been our mantra for some time. Built into this is an unmeasurable commitment to giving that little bit extra. A passion for making sure that if you’re going to spend your well earned money with us, that you are going to get the best photographic memento – a keepsake – a testament to how important your Wedding Day is to you.

We owe it to you and all of our couples – and ourselves – to do the best job we can.

Everything Matters.

You’ll be surprised at how much we fit in to your wedding photography package, and you might be surprised at our prices too. We have some awesome last minute offers, and Winter Season pricing too.We can help you put things together, and we will always go that extra mile to make sure that you get what you came for.

Unlimited Means Unlimited

Unlimited means unlimited. It means we don’t watch the clock on the day and we don’t charge by the hour. Our Wedding Photography packages are the ones to aim for. If you need me there for 8 hours or 15 hours (it happens!) I’m there. 

The aim is commitment and the goal is value. Your wedding will be what it needs to be. More often than not that means it will be a long day, and we don’t want you to have to push your budget for the coverage that you’re going to need. Boutique is already priced low, with no extra charges for more coverage so you can just get on and enjoy your wedding at your own pace, stress free.

Our prices are carefully figured out to be where they should be – Our Winter Season is now busier than ever. It’s the same unlimited approach to photography and the same care and attention to detail. January – February traditionally our quieter months –  are  available for a discount at £1095 Coverage is for up to 6 hours as standard, and you can boost this up to our Boutique package if you want more and still come in under £1400.

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Show Me The Money!





We Can Do More

We work together as a husband and wife team, and we’re very busy. Generally, Jason takes the pictures and Carrie helps run the business and the editing and all the BTS stuff but we are both professional photographers so if you want/need two photographers at your wedding that’s what we do. Our work/life balance means that we don’t have to limit our bookings down to 25 or 35 weddings per year, because we can still push through all of the work that we have to do without compromising on the quality of our services.

This is important.

If we are available to photograph your wedding we will be there. Our prices mean that we get enquiries and bookings for next year coming in all the time, but you’d be surprised, (as I am too), at what dates might remain available.

We can take on as many weddings as we can take on, and it’s not a quantity over quality issue at all. High quality photography. High energy capture. Dedicated and enthusiastic about being there.

This is what we do. It’s our work.

Meeting Us

We think that meeting is a great idea. Some of our couples don’t need to meet and some do. It’s completely up to you.

Some people call it a “Complimentary Consultation” meeting! We just think that meeting face to face is part of the deal. The reality is that we want you to book us and I guess trying to start our relationship off with us giving you a “complimentary” favour is a funny concept.

It’s just a meeting. We talk, we find out about each other, we tell you what we can do for you, and how much it costs, and you decide whether you want to book us to photograph your wedding.

We like to ask people to come to us in Hindhead in Surrey, simply because we have a lot of enquiries to get through, and sometimes time can be tight if we have more than one enquiry for your date. Yes – it happens. No – we don’t want that to put you off getting in touch.

Equally, we know that you’re talking to a lot of other suppliers, and trying to arrange your busy lives around a bit of wedding planning too. A meeting might not always be possible, so if you prefer we can have a Video chat to get things going. The main thing is that you can both be there so that I can answer your questions without you having to relay information back and forth between each other. That way, you can make some decisions quickly, together, and without feeling under any pressure from us.





The Together Session

Together is our name for the pre-wedding photo session. In some ways essential, always a giggle.

The Photo Booth

Not actually a photo booth at all! You’re going to need to ask how this works, but trust me, it’s a winner. Lots of Winter Season couples find that adding the Photo Booth acts as a great wet wedding backup, but it’s great all year round, rain or shine.

The Albums

We believe that printing your Wedding Photographs is the definitive way to enjoy your pictures, and our albums are as beautiful as the are unique. We’re more than proud to be able to say we produce the finest wedding books you can get and the represent incredible value too.

Signature Fusion Albums


Wedding Photography Album

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