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When you’re searching for Wedding Photographers in Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, London, Nationwide, or on the Moon, there are a few things that you need to find out, and there are a few things that you need to know already.

It’s nearly impossible to single out the one professional wedding photographer that is right for you when they’re all out there telling you that they’re the one and only right photographer, the shining light, the only wedding photographer that is worth his or her salt. And we’re all vying for your attention…

So why should you choose to contact us at Jason Leaman Photography?

Well, we’ve been lucky over the years, and I’d like to think that our luck has come from unashamedly sticking our heals in and holding on to our beliefs and our core values – namely keeping things simple and honest and having a passionate genuine love of the story of two people coming together, and everything that comes with that. Family, people, love, style, story – it’s all there.

We don’t follow trends, at least when it comes to photographing real events. There may be more in the way of commercial styled shoots coming up for us, but that’s got more to do with editorial and marketing that anything else – something I see as a venture from a photographer’s perspective. Chasing trends, however, only serves to flatten everything until each wedding becomes a version of the last one, all the time missing the individuality of the people I want to photograph, and trends have the habit of passing very quickly, suddenly becoming out of date. At a wedding I don’t want to re-create something that never existed in the first place – I don’t want to ask people to pretend to act in a certain way because I don’t see that people – you – need enhancing. I can orchestrate a series of triggers that might help people open up and be themselves, and I can get a good group of people to be ‘on-camera’ for some family portraits, but generally I find that letting your wedding unfold by itself reveals more that I can presume to show by forcing it.

It’s Fashion, dahling!

I come from the fashion industry, and yes, I’ve photographed famous faces, and no, I don’t bang on about it. One of the reasons is that I see more beauty in real people being themselves. It’s really as simple as that. The fashion world, at least for me, was all of the clichés you’d expect, and although I might not have realised it at the time, weddings and being a wedding photographer gives me access to a rich pool of diversity in real life. It’s more important to most people than fashion photography can be.

Of course every wedding is different. People are different! It’s like a documentary every time I photograph a wedding, and I make it my mission to work hard at getting a true representation of people at a great turning point in life. I’m surprised every time at how exciting that can be. However, Fashion did teach me how to work fast and know lighting equipment, and how to adapt to locations – technically a great education, with the industry filled with experience as well as new talent with new ideas. I also learned (quickly) that being a working professional photographer wasn’t and couldn’t be only about taking pictures.


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I always thought that if people were comfortable with me that I would have some kind of better access and ultimately get better pictures of them. That’s why we created the original Core Package, and now the Zen Collections. The packages are designed to be comprehensive giving everybody the same access to unlimited photography.  Whichever collection you choose you will always get the same photographic coverage and we’ve held on to that from the beginning. I start when you start and I finish when you finish. The Collections give everybody the same access to albums, pre-wedding shoots, and prints, keeping everything at realistic prices and keeping you in control of your spend. There’s no big sell – and it’s this that helps us get off to a great start and it establishes a two-way level of trust that gives me the freedom to produce great wedding photography.

All of this could only work for me if the products are good. Better than good. The albums that we produce are the epitome of bespoke and strike the balance between artisan craftsmanship and modern technology. We call them our Fusion Range – the most beautiful and visually stunning books that can’t be purchased from anyone else. We know this because they are hand finished and bound by our bookbinder (a local supplier in Surrey and one of my favourite secrets) to our exact specifications. And a great thing about your album is the price – a luxury hand made product at around 40% less than a typical equivalent. Our products have been years in the making and have become the definition of quality and value. Our couples come away with the best mementos and money in their pocket. It’s a win.


We’re local. We’re Wedding Photographers in Surrey, and really happy with that. As it turns out, I tend to work all over, but mostly in Surrey and the surrounding counties. I used to fly off to do destination weddings, but I love being with my family, and I love coming home to my children. The first thing I do when I get in is pop upstairs to tuck everybody in.

You can all read a little about us here. We’re down to earth, really just into simple ideas and love collaborating with people. The thing we find the hardest is trying to do all of what we do without it seeming like we’ve got crazy inflated egos. We don’t want to sell you our lifestyle, we’re quite private about our family life, and we have our own hobbies and pastimes, just like you do. You have your own friends and family to play with – you most likely aren’t waiting for us to wow you with how amazing We are as people, with our achievements as parents to smaller people, or what our style of dress/furniture/piercings are. We really just want to do a great job, and not charge the earth for it, and make it as real and as authentic to you as it can be.

And then keep doing that.

Over time we’ve become a part of the local landscape to some extent. We’ve been working closely with some of Surrey’s Top Wedding Venues such as Gate Street Barn , Ramster Hall, and Loseley Park for years now and have a great sense of place and an affinity with where we have planted ourselves. There are new venues for us every year, and there are some venues that we live next door to but have only photographed once! We actually helped to launch a brand new Surrey Venue in 2015 as their exclusive partners, and we’ve now photographed at Busbridge Lakes for the majority of their weddings.


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Caterers like Joe Keeley, Jacaranda or Tandem– we know them well and love the support they’ve given us over the years.  Florists such as Spriggs or The Gorgeous Flower Company – Their beautiful creations can be seen throughout this website, and we’re grateful to be privileged as we are to work with such talented behind the scenes suppliers. Bands like the unbeatable Rollercoaster – Just book them is all I will say.

And it really is a privilege to work with creative and passionate suppliers who are generous, insanely talented and lovely people to have around.

In short, being  local has enabled us to collaborate and work with people who in turn have shown that they want to work with us. It’s the greatest endorsement and something we work hard to maintain.

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We expect a lot from our new couples – (that’s you BTW) Just like you expect a lot from us, we love it when you bring ideas or more importantly, bring yourselves. Lucky for us, that seems to be who you are already and it just makes for a fun and engaging ride from here on in. At this time of the year  we get genuinely excited to see who’s coming up in the next 12-18 months and what new adventures we’re going to find ourselves on. We’re hitching a lift – why not pick us up?

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