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This offer is a trial for a planned pricing approach in the future and is only available for last minute bookings up until 22nd December. This offer is based on availability and only open to new enquiries as of Sunday 17th October 2021. Christmas dates (23rd December 2021 - 1st January 2022) are not available with this offer and will be offered as per our usual rates which can be found here : 2022/23 Prices

Once a price is agreed a deposit is required to secure the date, or a full package price will be required if the date is within 4 weeks from booking. Our availability isn't a guarantee that your price will be accepted. Please call Jason pin 07738 413 599 to discuss terms.

It’s about the experience of being alive right now. Today, together.

In your time. In this moment.

Photographs are the emotional anchors in our past, captured in our present, and have the power to carry us through space and time some way into our future. These images will tell the story of your lives. They define re-imagine your legacy through generations.

Our photographs tell these stories, with intention, with cinematic drama, and always with an eye on the fun and every-day personal expression.

Your wedding is a dynamic, fast moving ride. This is your moment. This is your time.

These are the events that shape us. Authenticity Matters.

What Happens Now, Today - Matters.

We'll make sure your wedding photographs reflect the fun & the laughs, capturing everything from the bombastic in the big bang to the smallest detail and character of your story.

Welcome to Jason Leaman Photography

We hope you find what you're looking for here - if there's anything we've missed please do get in touch and chat it through. We're here to listen and help, we're not into pushing the sale. If you're happy - we're happy!

We’re a Husband & Wife run Wedding Photography service, capturing a natural look at your wedding, with a dash of sparkle, and a sprinkle of good times and years of professional experience to back it all up. I’m Jason, and this is Carrie, and we’re really happy that you’ve found us and really excited to hear about your plans.

Your Wedding Photography is so important and we’re ready to help you along on your incredible journey. We know you need everything to be perfect, with no fuss, no stress, and no compromise. We also know that you need all of this at the right price. A premium product and service, without paying a premium price.

We’re Wedding Photographers in Surrey. We’re Hampshire Wedding Photographers. We’ve been to all the best venues, and love finding new locations that we might not have experienced.

We’re known for delivering the goods (and then some).

Every time.

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Wedding Photographer Surrey

I've been a photographer my whole life, and I shot my first wedding in 2003. I haven't looked back since.

I'll bring a unique kind of experience to your wedding. My approach is all about a passion for getting to the heart of the stories in front of me. Looking for the sublime, and capturing the spontaneous. Watching people, knowing how weddings unfurl, and knowing what works gets me to the centre of it all - the stuff that matters.

It feels like life started when I married Carrie (She'll make an appearance here on this site if you're curious) in 2005. Weddings suddenly meant more than merely 'Getting Married" and when we had children the hidden secrets of life opened up even more. I think it's the most powerful expression that two people in love can make, and it turns out that the photographs I take are and have been a vital testament to that important moment in people's lives. I never underestimate what I do for a living and what it means to people.

I love photography, spending time with my family, making music, and being in the great outdoors. I live in the middle of the woods, in idyllic countryside in Hindhead, which is just inside Surrey, bordering onto Hampshire. I have everything I need and I'm close to where I need to be for work. It's a great life & I'm very lucky.

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Wedding Photography. Life Stories.


An Immersive & Engaged Approach to Wedding Storytelling Through the Prism of Many Years of Experience.

What is your style? It’s a loaded question. One which, the more you think about it, the harder it is to answer. I get asked it a lot.

The truth is, a wedding is always going to demand a mixture of different styles of photography.  There’s a lot of talk about reportage wedding photography, or photojournalistic styles of photographing your wedding. It’s true that most modern weddings will require such an approach, but it can’t all be a reportage wedding.

There’s nothing wrong with being honest enough to know that some formal group photos will be necessary, as well as some cracking signature portraits, and I pride myself on being able to creatively adapt to your wedding, your venue, and your people. I don’t like to pre-determine what your wedding will look like by putting it into a box before the day even begins.

Instead, I bring experience and a passion to create a defining document of what your unique wedding turns out to be. It’s about wanting to tell your story in an authentic and flexible way, and it’s about trusting that I will adapt and react to what is happening in front of me in that moment, and get the right shot.

It’s not maverick, and there will obviously be a level of planning and timings to consider, but this approach really does work.

Professional quality. Comprehensive services and honest, low prices. We’ve been Surrey Wedding Photographers more or less exclusively and we’ve been doing it for years. Carrie and I run the business together, and I photograph the majority of the weddings personally.

We’ve worked in the world of fashion and celebrity photography, shot magazine editorials and photo-journalistic styles, and I’m now photographing weddings all over the UK, especially the South,We’re Surrey Wedding Photographers, and Hampshire Wedding Photographers ideally located for Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset & Sussex, and we regularly work in London.

We capture your wedding in all of it’s vital and glorious authenticity. We draw on a number of styles of photography and carefully match our creative approach to the people we photograph. Working together makes sure everything runs smoothly – there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we both take care of, and working in this way means we can concentrate on you and your wedding.


Your story is unique. It’s our job to really find the centre point of that. You’re the boss – you want unposed and natural moments captured? Sure. Documentary or Reportage Photography is the bulk of what we do. You might feel that you need more professional guidance – slow things down for a more classic style of photography. Use our years of experience to get you there. If you don’t want to feel like you’re in the spotlight too much, that’s OK – your wedding can be all about the action around you with carefully observed moments captured at the right times.

Carrie and I have been unearthing incredible love stories for some years now, and we capture your wedding without compromise and with love. Yours will be as powerful and as vital as any other  because it’s a fleeting yet pivotal moment in time, and we’ll work hard to deliver the timely authenticity that your story demands.


We wouldn’t profess to being the best Wedding Photographers in the UK. We’re not going to tell you we’re the Best Surrey Wedding Photographers out there either. Top 50 Surrey Wedding Photographers? Top 10? (Well, Possibly? Maybe! ;)

Actually, we can’t be. No-one is. It doesn’t exist, simply because no two weddings really demand the exact same kind of approach. No two weddings are the same. There is a chance that we are the right fit for your wedding though, and that’s when things start coming together… We do provide the best balance of quality wedding photography and comprehensive professional services to the right couples. We have years of experience with a dynamic and modern creativity driving us forward.

Our values are the essence of why we do this, and as a result your value for money is at our core. Your Wedding Photographs are essential – a documented testament to the story of L.O.V.E and something you can recognise as the epitome of you, together, marking out your version of the greatest story ever told.

Because our style of wedding photography is varied and always adaptable to the people and places we collaborate with, we can ensure that we deliver results that put smiles on people’s faces, every time.


Jason Leaman Photography

Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire Wedding Photographers

Your wedding is unique – we will help make your wedding photography outstanding. We regularly work at some of Surrey’s most incredible Wedding venues, and we are the recommended Surrey Wedding Photographers for Ramster Hall, Gate Street Barn, and Loseley Park,  to name just a few exclusive Surrey Wedding Venues. The Long Barn in Hampshire is definitely up there at the top of the pile and we sincerely recommend checking it out if you’re looking for something magical.  Rhinefield House Hotel in the New Forest is fast becoming one of our favourite places – have a look and you’ll see why. Being invited to your wedding as your Surrey Wedding Photographers is a privilege we don’t take lightly.  We’re expanding too.  Travel is high on my agenda, and I’m taking bookings all over the UK.


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